American poet, essayist Van Sona (Sona Ter-Hovhannisyan) was born in Yerevan.

Starting in 1978, lives in California. American University received a master's degree in clinical psychology and spiritual. Doctor-psychologist.

2006 "Narcissus" was published in literary and cultural magazine co-founder and since 2013, also the chief editor. Sona Van is the author of 7 books of poetry, translated into more than ten languages, nine separate books, including "DzpOTSR TPvTr tTSRPo" Anna Berdichevskayayi Russian edition of the second book (2015), translated by Eugene Rehn published in Moscow.

In the same year, also released by state order poet "Uninterrupted Shaherazad 'extensive collection of the best.

"Libretto for the desert," the eighth book in the collection of the poetess. It was translated into English, French, Russian, German, Ukrainian, Georgian, Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic. It has been published in English and Ukrainian versions (translators, Shushan Avagyan, A. Mesropyan).

New York's International Book Book Expo America (BEA) of the exhibition "Armenia" booth in the hall of the Ministry of Culture, among the 5 different books published by Armenian Genocide 100th anniversary was also presented for the desert "Libretto Sona Van" collection ( Yerevan 2015, "Edit Print" Publishing, editor, Shant Mkrtchyan), as well as "Uninterrupted Shaherazade 'extensive collection of the best (editor, Armen Avanesyan).

Last year, in the month of November during a visit to the poet of "Libretto desert" was marked by four presentations, MOH Abovyan Women's Prison in Gyumri Art Academy, Ministry of Diaspora, where he was named "Native Language Ambassador" medal, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute as well as the presentation of the fifth held in Tbilisi with the participation of Armenian and Georgian literary figures.

Sona Van won the gold medal of Armenia's Ministry of Culture, Ministry gold medal, the "Golden Apricot" medal, awarded the "Woman grakanutyanmej 2013" prize by the Chamber of Commerce, California, Medal of St. Petersburg and cultural organization of local and American literature many other cultural prizes, awards, diplomas.

2013. Sona Van awarded for his significant contribution to the preservation of the "Movses Khorenatsi" medal, which he handed to the consulate in California.

Sona Van's "Narcissus" magazine publication, as well as his literary and cultural activities greatly assisted by her husband, Dr. Nubar Djanoyan, who the United States has established a non-profit medical institution, which has seven branches. Nubar Janoyan seven branches around 600-700 Armenians charitable clinic every day to receive the necessary medical treatment.

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